TriBella Triathlon Open for Registration

Liz Sharpe - Monday, March 02, 2015 | Comments (0)

Back for it's third consecutive year, the TriBella Triathlon has become one of the most popular women's only races in Colorado. Each year it sells out earlier and earlier, so make sure you sign up today and secure your spot. Why choose our race and not another women's only event? The TriBella Triathlon stands out for several reasons:

1. Two distances--Sprint and Super Sprint. Not everyone is up for running three miles, so we created the Super Sprint, which is the perfect distance for new triathletes to get their feet wet (literally and figuratively).

2. Relays--Grab a group of friends and push each other for fitness and fun. What once was maybe an overwhelming distance to cover alone, turns into a manageable, fun, friends or family event!

3. Firemen--That's right, we have Colorado Firefighters on course, not for safety (although they're good for that too!) but for visual stimulation. Just when you're wondering if you can make that last mile of the run, whoa baby, you are greeted with glistening firemen with water and sports drink to help you on your way. Go ahead, register now, cause we know you don't need to read any further.

4. Goody bags--Our pre-race goody bag is one of the best out there. All participants get an awesome t-shirt/tank top, race cap, and logoed pint glass, as well as many other tasty, fun treats and deals.

5. Small size--Our race is small in comparison to some of the other triathlons in our great state. With a limit of 500 participants, the race stays intimate yet still large enough for competitive athletes to flex their muscle. 

6. Sponsored by Coeur Sports--If you haven't heard of the women's triathlon clothing company Coeur, then you are missing out on some of the hottest tri apparel on the market. Coeur gets women; just look at their one of a kind fleece chamois that has ladies cheering for more saddle time--seriously, when does that ever happen?! Come try their latest designs at TriBella. 

7. Camaraderie--Finally, the TriBella Triathlon has a great feel. It's a feeling of warmth, camaraderie, strength, understanding, and celebration. This is about women giving it their all for themselves, for their families, and for their health. We can't fully put it into words, but trust us, the spirit of so much more than racing a triathlon is there, and it's permeable!

Grab your friends and register today. We promise, it'll be one of the best mornings of your summer!

Saturday June 27th at Cherry Creek State Park 

See you out there!


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