Bike Fitting

The modern bicycle fit is a combination of trained and learned skill, as much as it is a technologically new science. Our fit services are optimized for finding you the proper bicycle fit. In fact, we are so passionate about getting you the right fit, we created the Denver Fit Loft, our on-premise stand-alone fit studio featuring Retul technology.

At the Fit Loft, we aim to not only make you comfortable, but also more efficient and powerful. Our fit technicians have over 25 years of experience working with a variety of riders, from recreational cyclists to professional athletes. Let them help you find the right saddle, increase your riding comfort, or assist in a new bike purchase.

Bike Repair

Our mechanics have been "wrenching" for at least 20 years, and our specialization of working on exotic high end road and triathlon bikes is what has set us apart from the traditional bicycle retailer. We have a unique service platform that caters to every individual need of the bicycle. The idea of "flat" rate pricing is an antiquated way of thinking and not always fair to the customer.

The primary objective when handling all of our repair service is to quote an honest rate for a top quality service. Let’s face it, not all bikes are created equal so therefore the pricing of the repair should only be equivalent to the precise range of work being performed and nothing more. Simply put, our experience and knowledge offers you a better value with a more precise repair.