Camaraderie. Community. Competition.



TriBella Ambassador Team 

Each year we are fortunate to celebrate triathlon with an amazing group of women who represent TriBella. 

Some toe the line in the women's professional field, a few are multiple Kona finishers, and others simply race for the camaraderie and community that the sport naturally creates. Look out for this talented group at local Colorado races and around the country.       

TriBella/MHM Women's Triathlon Team Update  

For the past few years, we partnered with Mile High Multisport to create the TriBella/MHM Women's Training Team. We are taking a break for the 2016 season to reorganize and plan for the future. We will make an announcement via email if and when we decide to bring the team back. Make sure to join our email list so you don't miss out.