All group training programs run from January through August. For a detailed list of what’s included with all groups, please click here. To register, please click here.

TriBella/MHM Platinum Group

This group is for experienced triathletes who have a desire to take a leadership role with newer/ inexperienced athletes. These individuals will also serve as ambassadors to the TriBella/MHM brand. An application is required and must be submitted by December 15, 2013 by 5PM. Space is limited. The Platinum Group will be notified by December 22, 2013. Platinum memberships are for the current season and do not roll over.

The selection process for 2014 is complete.

Thank you for your interest and check back in the fall for information regarding the 2015 Platinum application process. Please scroll down for information about the Pink and Black group.

Cost $599/ season

Each Platinum member will receive:

  • Custom Training Plan (up to 6 months-$700 value) tailored to your selected races
  • Monthly analysis and review conducted by coach
  • Contact with coach monthly
  • Free participation in a 2 Day Pre-Season Training Camp  held at Hinkley High School in Aurora. Date/time TBD by team (early January) ($300 value)
  • Individualized analysis of swim and run with USAT Certified Coach
  • Classroom and practical training days with USAT Certified Coach
  • Free participation at all group workouts/clinics/workshops (see “Nuts and Bolts”)
  • Free TriBella/MHM Race Kit ($200 value)
  • TriBella Store Discount 25% (bikes up to 20% off)
  • Free participation at all group workouts/clinics/ workshops (Priceless!)
  • Discounted season pass to Grant Ranch ($70 value)
  • Additional TriBella/MHM Gear


In return, we ask for the following:

  • Minimum 2 years triathlon experience
  • Participate in a minimum of 8 group workouts per season
  • Be a “Group Leader” for 1 bike ride per season
  • Attend/participate in 1 workshop per season
  • Wear TriBella/MHM race kit at all races
  • Participate in 3 local races (one race may be TriBella Tri)
  • Volunteer/participate in the TriBella Triathlon
  • Volunteer at a local Triathlon-TBD
  • Social media postings 2-4 x/month

TriBella/MHM Pink Group

Perfect for beginner to experienced athletes who are interested in a custom training plan, desire to participate in group activities, and want to be part of the TriBella/MHM brand. No application required.

Cost $699

Each Pink member will receive:

  • Custom Training Plan (up to 6 months-$700 value) tailored to a maximum of 4 races. No changes to plan once reviewed. Contact with coach limited to workouts/workshops only
  • TriBella/MHM Race kit at cost (purchase strongly encouraged)
  • TriBella store discount 15% (bikes up to 15% off)
  • Free participation at all group workouts/clinics/workshops (see “Nuts and Bolts”)
  • Discounted season pass to Grant Ranch ($70 value)
  • Video Analysis of swim during winter swim clinic ($60 value)

In return, we ask for the following:

  • Attend a minimum of 5 group workouts/workshops per season
  • Participate in 2 local races wearing TriBella Kit (one race may be the TriBella Tri)
  • Volunteer at the TriBella Triathlon or at another local race-TBD

TriBella/MHM Black Group-Participation Only

Beginner to experienced athletes interested in training with others and being part of the TriBella/MHM Team. No application required. TriBella/MHM Race Kit available at cost but not required. Black group members receive a 10% discount at TriBella.

Cost $200

Black team members have the ability to participate in all group workouts (1-2 per week), workshops, and clinics from January – August.  See the Nuts and Bolts for this information. For detailed questions see our FAQ section.

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